APS on military service in the Middle East Army

The Ctrl+Sky drones neutralization system developed by Advanced Protection Systems Inc. our portfolio company has recently been used by one of the armies of the Middle East. ,,Modern armies have always been the first recipients of technological innovations. This is the case here, too. No wonder, in the Middle East, UAVs are constantly appearing over critical infrastructure. Every day we hear about drones-bombs used by terrorists, or unmanned aerial vehicles disrupting air traffic, thus generating huge costs for economies. We receive dozens of inquiries about our system from all over the world”, said Maciej Klemm, PhD, President of APS, announcing further implementations of the system in the countries of the European Union and other.

The system is so much desired due to its extraordinary effectiveness. During May tests carried out by the Police Aviation Department in Michigan, the APS system was the only one to detect and neutralize all the police drones used during the shows.